The Conscience of a Philomath

Hip hop, Funk, Soul, world literature, neuroscience, psychology, mythology, design, art, dance, philosophy, world religions, culture, anime, feminism, film, food…

What do these seemingly disparate areas have in common? They enable insights into human culture, how fictive and non-fictive individuals and societies chose to live, and the beauty, excellence, truth, and wisdom they have to offer.

If you couldn’t tell, I have a huge passion for exploring the connections between different forms of knowledge. However, more than the excitement of ideas and the process of learning, I wish to share the journey of the insights I’m getting that can possibly help another human being with their intellectual, creative, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Life can be hard, crazy-debilitating hard, but there is much knowledge out there to help us see challenges as opportunities, not only as opportunities to overcome struggle, but also opportunities to grow and to truly live life.

Here is to that journey, hopefully a journey that enables us to grow, to connect, and to understand ourselves and hopefully a journey that allows us to learn, to connect, and to care for the well-being of others.

© 2015 Sandy Gordon. All rights reserved.

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